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The mobile van introduces a twist to a conventional dental office setting. This unique access to dental care services allows for more accessibility and more convenience to obtain your dental needs. We are a dental hygiene mobile van that strives on providing individualized and evidence-based quality care for optimal oral and overall health.
The mobile dental clinic is owned and operated by two independent dental hygiene practitioners. As regulated healthcare professionals, we aim to use our expertise and knowledge to provide the highest quality of care for our clients.

Why book with a dental hygienist?

Dental Hygienists are licensed healthcare professionals that provide a variety of different dental services. We work collaboratively with you to create thorough oral health plans to help you achieve optimal dental health. A hygienist will review your medical and dental histories to facilitate an individualized care plan. We focus on preventative dental care through scaling and root planning ( dental cleanings) and oral hygiene education. Our services include but are not limited to oral cancer screenings, fluoride applications, referrals, teeth whitening and so on.

Why choose our mobile clinic?

Our main objective is to provide you with the best dental hygiene care without the hassle of travelling. Our mobile clinic comes to you and allows you to book around your schedule. We save you the commute time and we work around what hours are best for you. The flexibility will enable you to access your oral health care needs without having to stress about it.

Rethink Dental is a single-chair mobile clinic that provides a quiet atmosphere. Only one patient at a time will be booked, cutting back on traditional waiting room contact because you will be waiting for us in the comfort of your home.

We want to ensure that every patient gets their right to the safest quality of care that they can be provided and leaves the appointment satisfied.

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